The Life and Times of Victoria-Ann Penny

The Life and Times of Victoria-Ann Penny

Gordon S. Dickson


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This is a memoir of Victoria-Ann Penny and, as you may have guessed, she is a Victorian penny. This is her story, as best she can remember it. She is well over a 100 years old so her memory might be just a little bit hazy. Born towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign Miss Penny recounts various historical events in the 20th century including world wars and the first moon landing. She also travelled around various countries and the British Isles with her ‘owners’ and gives her impressions of the things she saw.  Reader, I do hope you enjoy her escapades.


Gordon S. Dickson:
Gordon S Dickson was born near Inverness, Scotland, but left there soon after when the family returned to Northern Ireland. He was educated at secondary and grammar schools and scraped through O-Level English. Essay writing was not a strong point. He was employed for many years in the civil service and is now retired. He has recently taken up writing novels. He enjoys reading, various genres, gardening and cinema, and of course writing. The Life and Times of Victoria-Ann Penny is his first children’s story.