Re-Building a Nation-State

Re-Building a Nation-State

Iraq After Saddam (Post 2003)

Ghalib Al-Abadi


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The book provides the main principles of Nation-State Building. It explores the applications of these principles to many states, including Poland, South-Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Iraq. It also gives insight on the role of the US-led coalition in Iraq after the fall of Saddam’s Regime in 2003. It covers the fields Political System, Legislation and Judiciary System, New Constitution, and Security. The author employed additional research methods to provide a deep understanding of the political situation following the changes of regime, including interviews and surveys, namely in Iraq. Finally, the book provides a method of evaluating the success or failure of the Nation-Building process of other nations by using the main principal rules of Nation-Building theories.


Ghalib Al-Abadi:

Dr Ghalib Al-Abadi, a political analyst, obtained his PhD from Brunel University in London, England, at the Sociology department of Social Science Media and Communications. He completed his studies in Computer Science and finished his masters in Westminster University in Communication Policy.