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Master Sugoi’s classic Pornogami: Original Erotic Origami has surprised and delighted readers for almost two decades. .  Sugoi’s easy-to-follow instructions and genius designs showcase the humorous side of the art of paper-folding, and have allowed dirty-minded creatives of all skill levels to express their filthiest selves. 

This second edition of Pornogami expands on the book’s classic status, with new full-color illustrations and updated text from the Master himself. To make the folding process even simpler, this edition features headings with the number of steps and skill levels for each project – helping you to easily find a starting point or a new challenge. Pornogami is accessible to newbies, avoiding any traditional origami jargon that may be confusing, and is more in-depth than the typical folding guide; detailed illustrations show the in-between stages of folds as well as the results.

The book also demonstrates how different types of paper can be used to create various projects, with some projects designed to accommodate copy paper rather than the traditional (and expensive) origami paper. Sugoi combines respect and regard for the history of origami with a modern sense of humor that allows readers to learn and create without taking themselves too seriously. While it can be easy to get caught up in perfectionism when it comes to this art, the comedic nature of Pornogami makes the process of learning and making mistakes part of the fun rather than an insult to an ancient discipline. In fact, the mistakes add to the humor.

Folders of all skill levels and experience will find something new, exciting and funny to create with the new, full-color edition of Pornogami.  


Master Sugoi:

A quiet but creative man, Master Sugoi has long been interested in the arts. While the majority of people are familiar with the simple pleasure of a paper airplane or the slightly more advanced paper crane, Master Sugoi is interested in all sorts of origami – even the more controversial types. While his main focus is on classical figures, animals and design, his experience with the intricacies of origami has allowed him to find the lighter side of the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. His creations have shocked and delighted many. While he now resides in California with his partner, Master Sugoi continues to expand his appreciation for the traditions and art of various cultures and incites laughter with well-placed and well-folded pieces of Pornogami