The Hachland Hill Cookbook

The Hachland Hill Cookbook

The Recipes & Legacy of Phila Hach

Carter Hach


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  • The first book detailing the history of famed southern cook Phila Hach, and a beautiful homage to her work from her grandson, accomplished chef Carter Hach.
  • Healthy home-cooked meals are the cornerstone of connecting with family and friends.
  • With easy-to-find ingredients time-tested, delicious recipes, Hach provides a bridge for people who still think home-cooked meals are labor-intensive preparation and beyond their skills.
  • A modern look at traditional southern cooking accented with international flavors from Phila and Carter's travel and tastes that will appeal across a wide audience. 
  • Refreshingly simplified and easy to follow recipes that take the intimidation out of cooking at home. 


Carter Hach:
Carter Hach is the executive chef at Hachland Hill, a dining inn and 80 acre retreat center that dates back generations in his family. He grew up cooking with his grandmother, the legendary Chef Phila Hach, and wrote his first recipe for chocolate nut drop cookies before he could actually spell the word, “recipe”. Carter attended the University of Mississippi and traveled around the world by ship, fueling his passions for writing and fusion cooking. All of Hach’s food is made from scratch and he uses only the best local ingredients from nearby farms located within 30 miles of Hachland Hill, which many say is Nashville’s best kept secret.