Faraway from My Roots

Faraway from My Roots

I Ventured into : the Land of Plenty, Pleasure and Prejudice

Ivania Inyange


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In pursuing what would be next after graduating from the National University of Rwanda (Clementine). Now Ivania got a Visa, which allowed her to immigrate to the US. This was a dream come true! When she set her feet in the US, she realized every step was a challenge to achieving the American Dream. Despite her naivety and vulnerability due to the sheltered culture she grew up in, she learned to remain true to herself in a new world. In this witty yet honest, Ivania shares stories on undertaking Aspirations, Friendship, Sex, and dating. In her everyday life, she shows us what means Love, Loneliness, and Racism while being far from her roots. From learning to navigate L.A. traffic to enjoying showing someone a middle finger, she is stepping forward to embrace this new culture but wonders what may become of her. This book promises to excite a desire in every reader to travel the world to have a first-hand taste of the advantages of multicultural life. If diversity in nationality, civilization, sexuality, and quality of life is a pool we need to dive in to refresh our humanity, then let Ivania Inyange’s story be your diving board. Her adventure in her new home country will make just you, and I appreciate the concept of cultural sensitivity.