Esther: For Such A Time As This

Esther: For Such A Time As This

Bruce T. Forbes


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“Who knoweth but that thou art come unto the kingdom for such a time as this?” was the question posed as the Jewish people looked to Queen Esther to save them from the decreed death sentence instigated by Haman, the king’s grand vizier. They did, in fact, need Esther’s courage and faith in the Lord to save them. She had the faith, but did she have the courage? Knowing that she was the only one who stood a chance of surviving an uninvited entrance into the king’s presence, Esther didn’t pray for the trial to be taken from her—instead, she prayed to the Lord: “Deliver me out of my fear.”

Combining story elements from the Holy Bible, the writings of Josephus, and the Apocryphal Additions to Esther, writer Bruce T. Forbes has woven the story of his greatest childhood heroine into heroic blank verse poetry form to celebrate how one woman’s faith and courage saved a people from destruction and literally changed the course of history. For those who have been born to the earth for such a time as we live in today, Esther’s faith and courage is an example to all on how to face the challenging and life-changing situations we face in our daily lives.