Fear of Beginning

Fear of Beginning

In the Beginning Was Creativity

Hilary Zakria


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Fear of beginning speaks on the discovery of a God given talent. The difficulties in having to navigate through society as an outcast for having a rather unusual ability. This book visits different experiences and the emotions and thought process of certain situations. Poetry was that therapeutic gateway to express and articulate my thoughts and emotions. Fear of beginning and the subtitle, in the beginning was Creativity brings light to God being the beginning of all Life and how the creation was the first of many, so to fear beginning anything is to doubt your God given ability. This book is a glimpse of how I overcame each obstacle presented at given times.


Hilary Zakria:
A poet welcoming the world into his journal and allowing his art form to inspire. Seeing three different cultures and experiencing life in different countries speaking about what he felt in times his family have gone through hardship. Remaining discipline in sport and taking that to the books and continuing to write despite how people viewed him. Being a vessel for God to work through his art form and his rather unusual life choices as a young African living in Australia.