Emancipated Inklings

Emancipated Inklings

Murphy Pheagar


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Murphy’s life long love of alliterative lyrical play professed on paper created piles of fully stuffed folders steadily stacked into a significant collection of careful consideration. Here you can experience the result- a brimming bookful of ballads and broken bits brought together by trauma bonding and book binding into the emotionally moving mosaic you hold in your hands. Catch it with the confidence that you are not alone in life’s confusions and release it back into the world with your own refreshing style.


Murphy Pheagar:
Murphy Pheagar is a self described do it yourselfer, dabbling in many projects of varying usefulness with equal enthusiasm. Greatful to share her life with a loving family, she enjoys engaging her offspring in witty banter battles as well as regularly giving voice to the family dogs’ thoughts without canine consent.