From Fishing to Tumbleweeds

From Fishing to Tumbleweeds

A Journey of Life, Death, Grief, and Faith

Debbie LaFe' Fordyce


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Racing toward the end of life is a struggle we all must endure at one time or another. Now is the perfect chance to visualize in a real-life story how one woman and her father ran the race together. While a story of things that occurred, it is a narrative of relationship and faith.

You will be able to see how important it is to build a solid relationship between the players. You will see how when relationships are developed with God at the helm, they are both survivable and worth the time. This is a story of life as a family, who built trust in each other to overcome all the obstacles in their journey. It is a potential guide through life, death, grief, and faith.

Within this family's journey, it is possible to experience all the hard subjects that cry out for attention. It's a time to begin thinking about the turmoil and possible solutions before being overwhelmed. No one wants to think about the end of life, but allowing God to hold the ship's wheel can give peace.

From fishing for knowledge to allowing the tumbleweeds of our life to strengthen us, this is a shared experience to help you build your own courage and faith.