Pieces of a Complex Mind

Pieces of a Complex Mind

Jazmine Greene


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The pain is masked, The brokenness Temporarily sealed. For some of us, That’s our lives. A cycle. We believe we enjoy the ride. Truth is, we don’t know How to stop. Through her writings, Jazmine Greene has learned exactly who she is. Now with the intent of inspiring others, she shares a debut collection of poems that candidly address pain, fears, worry, self-doubt, love, and trust. Greene’s poems offers a glimpse into her complex mindset as she explores not only her journey through life, but also her emotions as she experiences love, pain, and the confusion that comes with getting to know her true self. Her poetry reflects on crossed boundaries, a conversation with the inner self, the pain that accompanies the death of innocence, makeshift stories and ideas, the fears that control actions, and much more. Pieces of a Complex Mind shares poems that explore a young woman’s life as she bravely faces challenging emotions and discovers herself in the process.


Jazmine Greene:
Jazmine Greene has always used writing as a way to reflect on her life and move forward in a positive way. Now focused on bringing more joy into her journey and hopefully helping others in the process, she shares her debut volume of poems, Pieces of a Complex Mind.