A Leader's Guide to Consultant Cliches

A Leader's Guide to Consultant Cliches

(Or How to Be Your Own Best Consultant)

Jeff Colvin


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“You can’t tell a book by its cover.” So… open this one and find the real value inside. Cliches are powerful truths that get established over time. This book brings words of wisdom to those of you interacting with others in any organization. Whether employee, manager or leader, through thought provoking vignettes and true to life stories, you will appreciate the simple but profound means to be more successful with the people you work with. You can hire me as a consultant as many successful leaders have in the past. But why pay exorbitant consulting fees when you can use this book as a guide to assure your own personal and team success? Each chapter provides a simple and entertaining short story that explores the “how” to actually deal with the daily challenges of working with people at all levels. We already know the why and the what through much of our experience and other reading. A Leader’s Guide to Consultant Cliches gives you a playbook of behaviors that can be implemented immediately to address your challenges and opportunities for enhanced human connection and interaction. Each chapter encourages you to reflect and summarize the key points that apply to your personal story. You should identify specific take-aways and actions to translate the learning into value. Share your actions and intentions with a loved one or colleague and hold yourself accountable to your behavioral change. Evaluate and learn by your successes and failures. Embrace these cliches as guides to daily work behavior. Cliches aren’t overused and mundane sayings. They are foundations of philosophy and behavior that we should embrace and remind ourselves of every day. In doing so, we will stop amidst the frustration, anger, or disappointment and find a suitable path to personal, team, and organizational success.


Jeff Colvin:
Jeffrey Colvin has been a consultant/trainer in Silicon Valley for over 25 years. He has been the principal in two start up consulting companies and has conducted workshops around the world in over 22 countries to a diverse audience of client organizations. Jeffrey was the master trainer for credentialed programs in strategic leadership for both Stanford and Duke University.