Through the Wires of My Brain

Through the Wires of My Brain

Krisleidy Ceballo


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This book is about love. About family and closure. We may not know each other, but we went through something similar and we can relate. From mental health, love to family and sibling relationship we are all connected. If it’s not by blood then it’s by souls. I write about religion, love, heartbreak, mental illness and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. It takes one voice to turn the world, so take my hand and speak.


Krisleidy Ceballo:
Born and raised in NYC, Krisleidy Ceballo aspired to be a writer. Writing since the age of 14, this will be her first book. She enjoys photography and reading in her free time. She’s in college studying forensic psychology. She enjoys spoken word and often goes to open mics.