Poetries Within Emotions

Poetries Within Emotions

Written Purely from the Heart…

Qadeem Shaher


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'Poetries Within Emotions' is a book of life, the book I wrote while in the dark, with nowhere to run. This book came along right when I thought I had lost it all… Ever since my mother passed away, my world turned upside down in a good way and also in a bad way… All alone in a dark room with no one to talk to or to express anything to… I was homeless, jobless and was seen as a useless piece of trash who's got no future… I only had my phone and luggage with me, so I then began writing down my feelings. And started with the first poem which I named 'Figure Of Arrogance', expressing how life is depressing from my point of view and how people misunderstood me as… I believe that there's always poetry for every emotion one is dealing with. May it be Happy, Sad, Love, Hate etc. Writing is beautiful when done wholeheartedly… This book is dedicated to my dearest late mother by the name of Fauziah Mohd Johar, professionally known as ZIEMAN… Who truly and sincerely raised me up with love, care and joy, who became the biggest inspiration in my life…