The Recycling Universe Star Theory

The Recycling Universe Star Theory

James Keith Leedy


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After golden sunsets, early cavemen sat around amber campfires in the twilight, serenely pondering diamond stars reaching above moonlit nights. Clouds bring rain and thunder as seasons change. Can mankind’s fate be on the brink of extinction? Or will we survive? Elsewhere in the cosmos, is there life? Is there God? Questions cultures strive to explicate thru millennia. Did the answers vanish? Searching for reasons, does the truth reappear? Written in the stars, illuming the heavens for all time! Distinguishing destiny, illustrating explanations meant to uncover the reality on a spiritually guided tour with soaring wings of wisdom in a wonderfully realistic star theory. Pieces of the puzzle plummet into place! The Recycling Universe star theory consistently adheres to crucial astrophysics, unveiling cosmic universal laws of eternal creation. This is the theory that the world is waiting on unlocking the secrets of the universe! Hereafter understanding Recycling Universe theory, it is virtually impossible to see the cosmos in the same old-fashioned way. Compellingly painting the picture that mainly makes sense, a modern and most magnificent masterpiece. RU-1 of the many marvelous manifestos of miracles meant for the majesty of all mankind and for mysteries of all man’s time?