A Witch Is Born

A Witch Is Born

The Adventures of Cassandra Rho

Phillip Martin


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Orphaned at birth, Cassandra Rho struggles to find her identity in the strange and magical world she lives in. Along the way, she discovers that she possesses mystical arcane powers. Her struggles to control her abilities as well as her temper soon make her an outcast. Few understand the young woman she becomes, and fewer still grow close enough to see the emotional pain that drives her. Her dedication to her family, her few genuine friends, and her potential lovers only add to her erratic behavior. Will Cassandra find the answers to who she is and from where she came? Can she harness her powers to save herself and her family? Find out in the adventures of Cassandra Rho.


Phillip Martin:
A fan of fantasy and science fiction, Phillip pondered writing fictional stories at a young age. As life tends to do, the chance to do so eluded him until now. He was born with a strong imagination, which he uses to run roleplaying games, and even develop them. His roleplaying stories have created countless adventures and numerous worlds for the benefit of his closest friends. Now, finally some of his vivid imagination has been immortalized in print so others can enjoy his unique creativity.