Wrestling's New Golden Age

Wrestling's New Golden Age

How Independent Promotions Have Revolutionized One of America's Favorite Sports

Ronald Snyder


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“An in-depth look at the rise of independent wrestling and its significant impact on the industry” (Kevin Eck, veteran wrestling journalist).

Following the “Monday Night Wars,” where WWE and WCW battled for wrestling supremacy (with the WWE coming out on top), there was only one game in town. If fans wanted to watch wrestling, it was WWE or bust. That is no longer the case.

Wrestling’s New Golden Age is both a historical look at the sport and a demonstration of how everything has come full circle. The sport was originally territory-based, with wrestlers traveling across the country from promotion to promotion. From the East coast (Jim Crockett, WWF) down to Texas (World Class) and all the way up to Canada (Stampede), wrestling was run on an individual level. But once Vince McMahon Jr. came into the picture, that all changed.

While the territory system is long gone, indie wrestling is bigger than ever. Whether it’s ROH, CZW, NXT, NJPW, or any of the other numerous promotions, wrestling has a new face. With information spreading online through social media and video streaming, fans can watch wrestling on a consistent basis, as opposed to only when the WWE is on TV. They not only have more options but are able to watch wrestlers travel up the ranks to the “big show.” Now when a wrestler from the indies makes his WWE premier, he already has a gimmick, a storyline, and a faithful fan base. As can be seen with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and many others, the independent promotions are the new face of professional wrestling.

Featuring interviews with wrestling stars, including Jake Roberts, Jim Ross, Rob Van Dam, Matt Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, and numerous others, Wrestling’s New Golden Age shares how the wrestling world has finally come full circle, to the joy of fans across the globe.

“A terrific window into how indie promotions are impacting the big time and shaping the future. By first delving into the old territory days, Snyder explains how the best of the territories are reflected in today’s modern indie renaissance, offering insight from promoters and talent alike . . . I was thoroughly impressed by the wide net cast by Snider. . . . This was a well-researched, thorough look at America’s indies.” —San Francisco Book Review

“The most up-to-date history lesson on pro wrestling that digs deep into everything that's going on—and not just the WWE bubble.” —Luke Hawx, WildKat Sports CEO

“Ron Snyder's comprehensive look at professional wrestling today is a fabulous read for the promoter, the performer, and, most of all, the fan.” —Joe Koff, Ring of Honor COO


Ronald Snyder:
Ronald Snyder is an award-winning journalist with more than fifteen years of experience. He has covered everything from the 9/11 attacks to the NFL playoffs to multiple elections in his career. The author of Wrestling’s New Golden Age, Ronald is based in Baltimore, Maryland, where he lives with his wife, son, and twin daughters.