Writer's Bane: Formatting 101

Writer's Bane: Formatting 101

Valerie Willis


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Whether you're looking to learn how to typeset for clients or formatting your own book, here's a one-stop-shop textbook!
This tome holds a variety of answers for those seeking to become typesetters, looking to self-publish their book, or simply want to learn how to communicate and prepare their manuscripts to get the most out of their designers.
The Writer's Bane is a curse and passion, both a want and need to tell a story. In this volume, you will learn the importance for prepping a book for layout as well as laying it out in a way that appeals to your readers of any genre including picture books, chapter books, fiction, memoirs, textbooks, workbooks, and everything in-between.
Book design has advanced drastically with the aid of software, print-on-demand options, and digital devices making accessibility of information for authors and designers has gotten a lot easier. Discover your options and get ready to make a checklist! This volume covers many topics of research including:

- Glossary & terms
- Anatomy of book interior
- Software & Program Options
- Print options for Digital Typesetting
- What CMS formatting means
- Industry standards vs. reader expectations
- Prepping manuscripts for format
- Trim size options based on type of book
- Formatting for print and eBook
- Do’s and Don’ts for formatting
- Step-by-step formatting guides
- Layout recommendations
- Storyboards and Templates
- File preparation checklists
- Examples of books types
- Illustration and graphics handling


Valerie Willis:
Valerie Willis joined 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc. in 2020 as Chief Operating Officer, using her twelve plus years in digital typesetting experience to oversee their book production. Her unique perspective, influenced by game design, allows her to inspire creative minds. Recently, she launched the start to her workbook series, Writer’s Bane: Research, with many more planned for the years to come. As a Fantasy Paranormal Romance author based out of Central Florida, she loves crafting novels with elements inspired by mythology, superstitions, legends, folklore, fairy tales and history. She’s received the Reader’s Favorite Bronze medal in ‘Fiction – Mythology’ and FAPA’s President’s Silver medal in ‘Fantasy/Sci-fi’ for books in her Cedric Series. Her other passion is for hosting workshops or guest speaking at many events sharing her expertise in publishing, novel writing, research for fiction, worldbuilding, character development, book design, reader immersion and more.