The Soulless

The Soulless

Tanja Meurer


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Valvermont was once the home of war veteran Gwenael Chabod, who has now been appointed commandant over the city's garrisons. His lover, Orin, a venerable priest of orc descent, is by his side when a man is transformed into a soulless creature before Gwenael's very eyes.
Shortly afterwards, a young woman is killed. The only eyewitness is the thief Jaleel. His report uncovers horrors - and puts his own life in danger.
Alongside his new friends and allies, Gwenael hunts the dark spirit that has taken over Valvermont, unaware of how close the darkness already is to him. And the whole time, Jaleel is by his side, evoking the most contradictory feelings in him.


Tanja Meurer:
Tanja Meurer, born in Wiesbaden in 1973, is a trained constructions draughtswoman from the structural engineering sector and has been working in construction-related professions since 2001. As a sideline, she works as an author and illustrator for various publishers.
Her preferred genres are mystery, horror, thriller, crime, steampunk, steampunk fantasy, and fantasy - mainly with LGBTQ+ themes.