The Dutch Century

The Dutch Century

Domination of the Spice Trade at Any Cost

Carl Douglass


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The Dutch Century: Domination of the Spice Trade at Any Cost is the second of three books about the remarkable 17th century, primarily owned by the Netherlands. It reveals--as historical fiction—the adventures, trials, risks, accomplishments, conflicts, atrocities, and crimes, of the Dutch and specifically of the Seagoing Van Brakel family.


Carl Douglass:
Carl Douglass has written more than 30 books of fiction—action-adventure and historical fiction. During the COVID pandemic, he had his good wife have secluded themselves in their mountain fortress to weather the storm. The vicious virus has touched our family, but the two of us remain unscathed. It has been a good time for us to be together, to read, and for me to write. Stay safe and healthy.