New Horizons in Differential Geometry and its Related Fields

New Horizons in Differential Geometry and its Related Fields


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This volume presents recent developments in geometric structures on Riemannian manifolds and their discretizations. With chapters written by recognized experts, these discussions focus on contact structures, Kähler structures, fiber bundle structures and Einstein metrics. It also contains works on the geometric approach on coding theory.For researchers and students, this volume forms an invaluable source to learn about these subjects that are not only in the field of differential geometry but also in other wide related areas. It promotes and deepens the study of geometric structures.Contents:

  • Magnetic Curves in Quasi-Sasakian Manifolds of Product Type (Marian Ioan MUNTEANU and Ana Irina NISTOR)
  • Motion of Charged Particles in a Compact Homogeneous Sasakian Manifold (Osamu IKAWA)
  • A Note on Legendre Trajectories on Sasakian Space Forms (Qingsong SHI and Toshiaki ADACHI)
  • Non Naturally Reductive Einstein Metrics on the Symplectic Group via Quaternionic Flag Manifolds (Andreas ARVANITOYEORGOS and Yusuke SAKANE)
  • A Lie Theoretic Interpretation of Realizations of Some Contact Metric Manifolds (Takahiro HASHINAGA, Akira KUBO, Yuichiro TAKETOMI and Hiroshi TAMARU)
  • About Code Equivalence — A Geometric Approach (Iliya BOUYUKLIEV and Stefka BOUYUKLIEVA)
  • An Algorithm for Computing the Covering Radius of a Linear Code Based on Vilenkin–Chrestenson Transform (Paskal PIPERKOV, Iliya BOUYUKLIEV and Stefka BOUYUKLIEVA)
  • Geometric Properties of Non-Flat Totally Geodesic Surfaces in Symmetric Spaces of Type A (Misa OHASHI and Kazuhiro SUZUKI)
  • On the Relationships Between Hopf Fibrations and Cartan Hypersurfaces in Spheres (Hideya HASHIMOTO)
  • Bochner Curvature of Cotangent Bundles with Natural Diagonal Kähler Structures (Simona-Luiza DRUŢĂ-ROMANIUC)
  • Isotropicity of Surfaces with Zero Mean Curvature Vector in 4-Dimensional Spaces (Naoya ANDO)
  • Geometry of Lie Hypersurfaces in a Complex Hyperbolic Space (Sadahiro MAEDA and Hiromasa TANABE)
  • Kähler Graphs Whose Principal Graphs are of Cartesian Product Type (Toshiaki ADACHI)
  • In Memory of Professor Akihiko MORIMOTO (Naoko MORIMOTO and Toshiaki ADACHI)
  • In Memory of Professor Georgi GANCHEV (Velichka MILOUSHEVA)
Readership: Graduate students and researchers in the fields of differential geometry and discrete mathematics.Geometric Structure;Contact Manifolds;Sasakian Manifolds;Kaehler Manifolds;Magnetic Fields;Trajectories;Einstein Metrics;Symplectic Group;Homogeneous Spaces;Cotangent Bundles;Bochner Curvature;Complex Hyperbolic Spaces;Hopf Fibrations;Cartan Hypersurfaces;Totally Geodesic Surfaces;Real Hypersurfaces;Graphs;Adjacency Operators;Coding;Linear Codes;Vilenkin–Chrestenson Transform;Covering Radius0Key Features:
  • Focuses on recent progress of geometric structures on Riemannian manifolds and their discretization
  • Contains works that treat geometric structures concretely
  • Invaluable not only for researchers in this area but also for graduate students as a guide to explore further in this area