The Youngest Sister

The Youngest Sister

Suniyay Moreno


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  • Introduction to South American Indigenous culture: Tells the story of a young Quechua girl and her life with her family in the Andean foothills.
  • Indigenous voice: Written by Suniyay Moreno, a Quechua author who grew up in the mountains outside Santiago de Chile. 
  • Highlights the language of the Chilean Quechua community: a note from the translator explains how the book honors their voice, as the book was originally written in Spanish as if spoken by this community. 
  • Glossary of Quechuan terms: the back of the book includes a list of words used throughout the story. 
  • Award-winning illustrator: Mariana Chiesa’s books Migrants and No Time to Play have won prizes internationally, and she received the 2014 Latin American Illustration Prize from the University of Palermo. 
  • An Aldana Libros Book: developed by renowned children’s publisher Patricia Aldana to bring outstanding books to the English-speaking market by international authors and illustrators who want to communicate their own cultural realities.
  • Includes a Teacher's Guide available for download.


Suniyay Moreno:

Suniyay Moreno is the name the author has chosen because it is the one given to her by her Quechua grandmother. She was born and lived in the mountains above Santiago del Estero in Argentina where she loved to climb trees barefoot, run after baby goats, and sing songs and make riddles in Quechua—her mother tongue. When she was six she moved to Santiago where she learned Spanish. As a grown-up, she became a librarian so she could climb around the stacks of books and children. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and this is her first book.

Mariana Chiesa is the author of Migrants and No Time to Play, which have won prizes and arepublished internationally. Her best known books are Migrando and No hay tiempo para jugar which are published and prize winning in many countries but not in English. In 2014 she won the Latin American Illustration Prize given by the University of Palermo. The Youngest Sister is her first book available in English.