The Carbon Footprint of Everything

The Carbon Footprint of Everything

Mike Berners-Lee


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  • 10,000 copies sold: of the previous edition (titled: How Bad Are Bananas?), originally published in 2011
  • Revised and updated throughout: including the carbon footprint of things that didn’t exist a decade ago, including a Zoom call, a smartphone, and cryptocurrencies. At least 30% new and revised content
  • Filled with surprising facts: Including that paper bags have a higher carbon footprint than plastic bags (though plastic bags are bad for many other reasons!), and that a mile long ride on a regular bicycle requires more carbon than an eclectic bike (think about the carbon required to energize the rider!).


Mike Berners-Lee:

Mike Berners Lee is a leading expert in carbon footprinting and the author of several books. He is a professor and fellow of the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University and director and principal consultant of Small World Consulting, based in the Lancaster Environment Centre.