While You're Waiting

While You're Waiting

Regina Theisen


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While we wait, we often feel stuck or even as if we’re suffocating. This study is designed to guide you to the realization that you have so much potential while you’re waiting. When we’re waiting, we have the opportunity to prepare a new idea, nurture a concept into maturity, develop a relationship that has been set aside. Waiting does not mean sitting and doing nothing. Waiting is a very thoughtful, energized time to prepare for the next step. If you’ve ever waited, which I know you have, this study is for you. The irony of the title of this study is how long I had to wait to even submit it to the world. A lesson in itself. As I waited for my atheist, past gang member husband to become a believer, a relationship with my stepmother to be one full of respect and love, and most importantly for the timing to share some of my waiting with you, so much more happened. You will have opportunities to dive into scripture, reflect on your past, and even prayerfully consider your future. You can do this study with a group, with a friend, or even by yourself. As you journey through the scriptures and learn more about your relationship with Jesus and those around you, I hope that you’re waiting becomes filled with more joy than sorrow and more focus than fog and more growth than death. Thank you for taking a chance on me; thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey; thank you for making your waiting worthwhile.