The Cost of the Ring

The Cost of the Ring

Twyla D. Harrison-Neale


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The Cost of The Ring is an insight to the highs and lows of marriage and a tool to equip couples on how to ride both waves. This read will encourage couples on how to conquer the world and not allow the world to conquer them. Love hard and live long should be the motto for every marriage. It's okay to be vulnerable. It's okay to allow your spouse in as long as there is a mutual entrance. Love is beautiful when expressed correctly. Love your spouse with your entire heart and don't hold back any part.


Twyla D. Harrison-Neale:
Twyla Harrison-Neale is a repeat author with her first literary work "Thou Shalt be Saved" releasing in 2005. She is a college graduate, licensed minister and proud mother of 4 children and 1 bonus child. She has experienced the life of marriage, divorce, single motherhood and remarriage. As she conquered every stage that was presented to her she came to understand the true meaning of family. She married young and divorced early only to walk a life of singleness for the next nineteen years. She has experienced some of the same lows in marriage that others have but desires to help many experience the true highs of marriage that she has now found. She sees the extensive burden that both husbands and wives carry and will show readers how this burden can be eased by becoming one with one another and sharing the load. She understands the hard work and sacrifices that must be made within a marriage and offers tools that can result in successful outcomes. Her heart and passion is to help marriages that may have found themselves in the low phase of their marriage to realize that it really is only a phase, keep fighting until you see the reward of your labor.