Random Maps

Random Maps

The World in Over 100 Unusual Maps

Simon Kuestenmacher


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What would the world be without maps? How would we orientate ourselves? How would we travel How could we plan streets or entire cities? We encounter maps everywhere in everyday life. But they can do much more than just represent the topography of places.

The geographer Simon Küstenmacher collects exciting, entertaining and useful maps that open up a new perspective on the world in an extraordinary way. Where on earth do most people live? What does the world look like from a dolphin's point of view? What did the world look like in the 17th century? Where in Europe were the last executions carried out? And how much tip is expected in the different countries?

All maps represent our living environment in an unusual way, explain connections from new perspectives and show how much fun data and facts are when they are presented in a visually interesting way.


Simon Kuestenmacher:

Simon Kuestenmacher is a rising star globally in the field of data management and insight.

He is the Co-Founder of The Demographics Group based in Melbourne. He is a columnist with The Australian newspaper. He loves to share maps and data that explain how the world works.