Reprogramme Your Mind for Success

Reprogramme Your Mind for Success

Self-Help Book to Bring the Best out of You.

Omiamah Khan


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Designed to make you acknowledge your struggles, your darkest moments, and to help you to rise from your obstacles, Reprogram Your Mind for Success re-introduces you to yourself. In this quick and concise guide, author Omiamah Khan makes you face your fears, presents exercises to heal yourself, encourages you to make peace with your inner self, and shows you how to let go. Filled with tips and advice and a host of inspiration and motivation, Reprogram Your Mind for Success discusses how to regain the power of self-discipline and focus on your goals. With the objective of recovering your power, Khan directs and inspires you toward the phenomenon of redoing, highlights the importance of consistency, and helps you come to terms with your failures. Through personal testimony, Khan provides the impetus to remove yourself from a grim situation and empower your mind for more success.