Azul Spark

Azul Spark

A.B. Maximiliano


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A devastating and traumatic event forced a teenage Alan Alvarez into an early retirement. As a young adult, he still struggles to live a normal life in a world that no longer accepts superheroes, but unforeseen events will soon turn his quiet life upside down: the arrival of a naive amateur from Toronto looking for guidance, and a powerful, professional superhero chasing a super powered terrorist. With his way of life under threat, Alan has little choice but to re-don the mask and return to action as Azul Spark!


A.B. Maximiliano:
A.B. Maximiliano is a second generation immigrant of Mexican descent and the author of Azul Spark. Born and raised in northeast Ohio, A.B. has a passion for superheroes, and has plans to expand his literary universe.