Steady, Calm, and Brave

Steady, Calm, and Brave

25 Buddhist Practices of Resilience and Wisdom in a Crisis

Kimberly Brown


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Steady, Calm, and Brave is a practical guidebook for life’s most difficult moments. Meditation teacher Kimberly Brown shows you how to meet unexpected circumstances—a serious health crisis, a looming natural disaster, a terrifying accident—with patience, clarity, and kindness. You’ll learn how to support yourself and others with simple mindfulness exercises and compassion techniques drawn from the Buddhist tradition. These transformative practices will help you manage anxiety and cope with loss. You’ll discover you can truly engage with your struggles and create a sense of ease and peace and resilience even in the worst moments.

With relatable stories and beneficial Buddhist teachings, Steady, Calm, and Brave offers soothing support for anyone facing extraordinary challenges. It’s a path to self-compassion and comfort in the midst of uncertainty, that illuminates how to survive a crisis without falling apart, running away, or losing your mind. With insightful reflections and exercises, you’ll develop the wisdom and understanding you need to face intense difficulty, and the confidence to recognize you have all the tools you need to survive—and even thrive—in a crisis and beyond.


Kimberly Brown:

Kimberly Brown leads meditation classes and retreats that emphasize the power of compassion and kindness to reconnect us to ourselves and others. Her teachings provide an approachable pathway to personal and collective well-being through effective and modern techniques based on traditional practices. She studies in both the Tibetan and Insight schools of Buddhism and is a certified mindfulness instructor.