The Dory Book

The Dory Book

John Gardner


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The dory has seen duty as a fishing boat, lumberman's batteau, lifeboat, recreational rowing boat, and racing sailboat. The most comprehensive book about dories ever published, this is at once a history of the dory, a practical handbook on dory building, and a compendium of 23 dory designs with full construction details. The author, a longtime contributor to National Fisherman, and the illustrator, Sam Manning, are perhaps the foremost experts on the subject. A steady stream of letters and photographs to the late John Gardner from successful dory builders worldwide has been testimony to the widespread popularity and influence of this book.


John Gardner:

John Gardner (1905–1995) spent a lifetime studying and building dories. His plans, published for years in the National Fisherman, have sparked a resurgence of interest in this boat type.

Samuel F. Manning, who probably propelled dories more miles with oar and sail than any but a surviving Grand Banks fisherman, was a professional illustrator who specialized in maritime subjects. His step-by-step illustrations of exceptional clarity make this book unique.