How to Get the Right Diagnosis

How to Get the Right Diagnosis

16 Tips for Navigating the Medical System

Randolph H. Pherson


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Get the Correct Medical Diagnosis You Need and Deserve

“If you, or one of your loved ones, has a complex, chronic illness, you need to read this book. You are not alone if you fear your medical problems are misunderstood.” ―Dr. Jeanne Shiffman, MD,  Well Being―Being Well, Integrative and Family Medicine

#1 Bestseller in Men's Health

Many know from experience that getting an accurate medical diagnosis can be difficult. Take it from Randy Pherson, who struggled with a medical condition for five years before getting a proper diagnosis―and once he did, had to undergo a major surgery to save his life.

Learn to leverage the system.  As traumatic as Pherson’s situation was, it is not an isolated experience. He decided to help others facing similar situations. Applying his analytical skills honed as a CIA senior intelligence officer, Pherson offers precise, analytical techniques for using the medical system to your advantage.

Lessons that could save your life.  Because of the sheer number of patients doctors and medical staff see each day, it can be difficult to get the medical attention you deserve. Pherson cites a network of individuals who have tried, both successfully and unsuccessfully, to navigate the medical system. By using their stories as examples, Pherson gives value to their experiences and provides lessons learned to potentially save lives.

Inside find:

  • 16 tips for navigating the medical system
  • How to better describe your pain and the specific questions to ask your doctor
  • Techniques to spur a correct diagnosis and obstacles to overcome when seeking treatment
  • Tips for building an effective partnership with your doctor

If self-help and medicine books such as Lab Values, Diagnosis, How to Be a Patient, How Doctors ThinkAttending, or The Patient Will See You Now have been valuable, then Randy Pherson’s How to Get the Right Diagnosis is the next book for you.


Randolph H. Pherson:
Randolph Pherson is a former senior CIA analyst and manager who has written ten books on intelligence analysis. Most are now being used by intelligence analysts in the United States and in over two dozen countries to improve their critical thinking, writing, and briefing skills. Mr. Pherson last served at CIA as a National Intelligence Officer in the National Intelligence Council. For over a decade since retiring, his company has been developing and teaching analytic techniques and critical thinking skills throughout the intelligence, homeland security, and defense communities as well as in the private sector. Mr. Pherson is the recipient of the Distinguished Intelligence Medal for his service as NIO for Latin America and the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. He has an A.B. from Dartmouth College and a M.A. in International Relations from Yale University.