Peaches and Jake Celebrate Christmas

Peaches and Jake Celebrate Christmas

Paula Bailey


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I’M CONFUSED This toy business was all new to Peaches, and she wasn’t exactly sure what to do with Miss Fox. So she looked up at Mommy with a questioning look that said, What am I supposed to do with this thing, Mommy?


Paula Bailey:
I was born in Indiana and spent my childhood and most of my adult life in the Indianapolis area. After graduating High School, I had a great 31 year career at a large company in Indianapolis working in various clerical positions, and was able to take early retirement at the age of 51. I had a wonderful, loving husband named George and shortly after retirement, we moved to Vero Beach, Florida, and traveled and vacationed with our dogs in our motorhome. I continue to live in Vero Beach, but several years after my husband's death in 2003, I purchased a cottage on Penobscot Bay in Belfast, Maine, and this is where my dogs and I spend our summers. As long as I can remember, I have had a pet. My very first pet was a duck that I got for Easter. I named her PL (my initials), my Dad, called her PLAZA because PL was the telephone prefix for the Plaza Exchange. . .so the name stuck. . .PLAZA it was. After PLAZA, it has always been dogs, rescue dogs who have always been a wonderful part of my life. Jake and Peaches, my current dogs and traveling companions, ride with me in my 23’ motorhome. I have driven my motorhome to each of the 49 Continental United States and all of the Canadian Provinces, (with my dogs at the time), which was on my "Bucket List". I travel in my motorhome because my dogs can comfortably go with me. They pretty much have adapted to my lifestyle and they are great travelers – it's really AMAZING!