Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting

A Science-Based, Reality-Tested Method for Achieving and Maintaining Your Optima l Physique, Performance and Health

Alan Aragon


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The last nutritional model you will ever need to achieve and maintain your optimal physique, peak performance, and robust health.

Do you find yourself confused by the ever-changing diet landscape? Low-carb, keto, low-fat, Paleo, supplements you can’t pronounce, and of course the fix-all magic bullet—it becomes a minefield of endless frustration with little or no sustainable results to show for it. In his new book Flexible Dieting: A Science-Based, Reality-Tested Method for Achieving & Maintaining Your Optimal Physique, Performance, and Health, Alan Aragon is here to put an end to the confusion and put you on a path to success. 

With over 25 years of experience as a nutrition researcher and educator, Alan reveals the biggest diet secret of all—no single diet is best for everyone. The key to success is finding a tailored program that meets your individual needs and helps you build lifelong habits to support your goals.
Flexible Dieting is a research-based, field-tested approach to nutrition that focuses on macronutrient balance and proper food sourcing that will help you achieve your dietary and physical goals at your own pace. With this simple weight-loss plan, Alan shows you how to eat within your specific macronutrient targets, making weight loss achievable and sustainable while fostering a healthy relationship with food and offering more freedom in your food choices.


Alan Aragon:
Alan Aragon is a nutrition researcher and educator with over 25 years of success in the field. He is known as one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry’s movement towards evidence-based information. Notable clients Alan has worked with include Stone Cold Steve Austin, Derek Fisher, and Pete Sampras. Alan writes a monthly research review (AARR) providing cutting-edge theoretical and practical information. Alan’s work has been published in popular magazines as well as the peer-reviewed scientific literature. He is the lead author of the ISSN Position Stand on Diets & Body Composition. Alan maintains a private practice designing programs for athletes and regular people striving to be their best.