Lost Girl

Lost Girl

Sana Shetty


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In the nondescript town of Fagu, a few kilometres from Shimla, retired police officer Vanessa and her husband Aidan are coasting through a blissful post-retirement life and running their quaint cafe. One day, on their usual morning trek in the mountains, they notice something in the bushes, something that shouldn't be there. At the end of a hidden track, there's a young girl, barely in her twenties, badly hurt and unconscious.

Two years later, the lost girl is now called Shanaya, and she helps out at her foster parents' cafe. Every resident of Fagu is aware of the mystery behind Shanaya's past, but she herself remembers nothing of it.

The residents of Fagu have kept Shanaya's secret, and protected her from harm. She is one of them, and her life is peaceful, until a stranger arrives in town, triggering within Shanaya a flood of memories and nightmares. Determined to learn the truth about her past, Shanaya lets the stranger lead her on a dangerous path of discovery.


Sana Shetty:
Sana Shetty is a first time author and writes books aboutcrime, mystery and fantasy. She lives in Mumbai, Indiawith her husband and two daughters. She is a crime thrillerand true crime buff and also a great fan of fantasy andscience fiction. She also tries her hand at blogging, (wheninspiration strikes) and you can find her at sanashetty.blogspot.com