Born to Serve

Born to Serve

Slave Chained by the Dominant Alpha

Aina Castillo


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Magenta Barker can bark whatever she wants ...
… Is still just one sheep in my flock.
I am Noah. I am the alpha and the omega.
I'm everything. And everything you see belongs to me.
Including Magenta. She is mine.
My property. My servant. My slave.
And I can do whatever I want with it.
Today. Tomorrow. And always.
The world is no longer what it used to be.
Guys like me reign like Gods.
The rest obey ... like slaves.
There are very few Alphas like me.
A handful of Betas with something of value.
And an infinity of Omegas.
Only Alphas are essential.
And there is only one Alpha per kingdom ...
Every man and woman in my kingdom ...
It belongs to me. But Magenta is different.
Barker thinks she can be mine.
My personal submissive. My personal slave.
And she is willing to do whatever it takes for it.
But if she wants to deserve that position ...
She… she's going to have to work very, very hard.
For now she… is surprising me.


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