Luffle McScruffle

Luffle McScruffle

Mandy Dokie


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Luffle McScruffle follows a boy named Rylan who is scared of the dark and always hears a bump in the night. Little does he know that it is a friend, not a foe. A little monster named Luffle McScruffle is here to save the day! With his one eye and crazy hair, he may seem scary at first, but Luffle McScruffle is found to be the biggest little helper a child could have. Funny looks and amazing humor aren’t all he brings to children who are scared. Learning to conquer our fears is part of growing up.

With the help of Luffle McScruffle, children ages, 2–5 can face their fears through this rhyming book of fun. With each turn of the page, children will fall in love with this interesting character and share in Rylan's relatable issues. Follow Rylan into his world at night and discover the fun that's waiting in the shadows.


Mandy Dokie:

Mandy Dokie was born and raised in the high desert. Her greatest joy in life and biggest supporters are her beautiful family including her husband of 10 years, and her two children, Rylan and Keira. She graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in Psychology  Law and Society. She has a passion for God, the outdoors, reading, writing, singing, and martial arts which she has been doing for almost two decades.