Achievement Addiction

Achievement Addiction

Justine Toh


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Re:CONSIDERING invites you to look at what’s familiar from an unfamiliar angle. To consider how we consider things – and how to do it better.

Are you an achievement addict? It’s hard not to be one given our collective obsession with success.
Students fear that the ATAR will sum up not just their schooling career, but also their individual worth. Australians aren’t just mad for sporting victory – skyrocketing house prices show we’re equally hooked on owning property. Then there are the furious work habits of Silicon Valley CEOs, violin prodigies, and tiger mums.
Why do we constantly strive for our significance – and could you quit the habit if you tried?


Justine Toh:
Justine Toh is Senior Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity, where she speaks and writes about the Christian faith in publications like 'The Sydney Morning Herald', 'The Canberra Times', 'The Spectator', and ABC 'Religion & Ethics'. She occasionally guest hosts ABC Radio National’s 'God Forbid', a panel program exploring contemporary religion, and has co-presented the documentary 'For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined'. Justine has a PhD in Cultural Studies from Macquarie University in Sydney and tweets, erratically, at @justinetoh. And yes, she is a recovering achievement addict.