Of the New World

Of the New World

Edward Kendrick


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Shifter Tony and King Cerdic are back and dealing with their upcoming nuptials, with all the attendant stress. But eventually they are wed and life seems to settle down for them.

Then a new problem crops up. Highwaymen are robbing wealthy lords. Tony and his brother-in-law, the mage Leofric come up with a plan to stop them, and then manage to convince Cerdic to let them do it, despite the fact it is possible there is more to the robberies than meets the eye. There is, and Tony and Leofric must deal with Jandar, an insane mage who wants to capture Tony for reasons of his own.

In the process, Tony learns why Leofric has given up on finding someone to love. Will Tony be able to change that? It depends on whether both he and Leofric survive their confrontation with Jandar.


Edward Kendrick: