Underwear Is Optional

Underwear Is Optional

Ibiza, Sex And Sun

Laura Lago


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There I was, a girl from Madrid embarked upon a pleasure trip to Ibiza. To free myself of work stress.
Sunshine, water, alcohol, sleep and parties. My journey began with Julio as my flight companion.
A sexy guy who smiled at me, and whose abs I was checking out in the bathroom half an hour later.
Really embarrassing, as you can imagine. But I was on holiday. When I lay down in my hotel bed, I consoled myself by telling myself it had been a temporary moment of madness. We all have those every now and then, right? Julio would go on his way and I would go on mine. And the air hostess’s expression, my tangled hair and red-hot face would remain in the past. Until, that is, I went down to the pool in my bikini and there he was sunbathing on the sunbed next to mine.
He wasn’t just staying at the same hotel as me, he was sleeping in the room next door to mine.
Oh. My. God.
Warning: a relaxed, romantic comedy with large doses of uninhibited sex at high temperatures, not suitable for minors or those who lack a sense of humour. 


Laura Lago:
Laura Lago is a consecrated writer with years of experience and various titles in the Top of its category. Her books do not leave anyone indifferent, and her readers come back for more and patiently wait for her to publish next work.