God’s Guidance for Humans

God’s Guidance for Humans

Akhtar A. Alvi P.E.


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God revealed the Quran in Arabic, but now anyone can read it with Akhtar A. Alvi’s English translation, which has been published, ISBN #978-81-947356-3-2. It is available at:
• Amazon.com
• Amazon.in
• 24by7Publishing.com
• Flipkart
Akhtar A. Alvi shares God’s guidance for humans to live their lives no matter what their circumstances. Whether you find yourself stressed, poor, sick, starving, or fighting with others, the Quran, as presented in this book, has answers.
As he translated and analyzed the Quran, the author has focused on topics such as:
• what God has said the humans must do to earn an eternal life in paradise;
• why humans must toil and struggle to earn a living and avoid begging;
• what it means to have full conviction in God; and
• why believers must view themselves as part of a brotherhood.
God created humans as weak and sent them for a test on earth: to live their lives by following His guidance, by choice. His guidance is to believe in the unseen unique God; to do good deeds, and to urge each other to truth and patience.
Discover God’s word, what He said to the prophets, and how to please Him in Akhtar A. Alvi’s translation and analysis of the Quran and in this book.


Akhtar A. Alvi P.E.:

Akhtar A. Alvi, P.E., is a business management consultant. He is a retired civil and environmental engineer and a U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin. He earned a Bachelor of Science and two Master of Science degrees in civil engineering and taught civil engineering at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan, and Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also developed irrigation and hydropower projects for the government of Nigeria and managed engineering and environmental projects for oil and gas companies in the United States and for the U.S. government.