It Has Taken a Lifetime

It Has Taken a Lifetime

Gene D. Lord


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Writing this book has been in my bucket list for about twenty-five years. I wanted to share my experiences growing up in the country along with my wonderful family. Marrying my wife Marsha and having our two boys and our four grandchildren have been some of the best blessings a man could have. Sharing my Christian testimony of how God has been with me throughout my life has been so satisfying. God was working on me long before I even realized it. Spending time with my beautiful friends and having experiences with them while hunting, camping, and enjoying the outdoors have been a significant part of who I am. Spending almost fifty years working with Flowers Foods was a wonderful experience that allowed me to meet so many people and share my story with each of them. God has been so good. Some would say I had been successful in life; and as the world may see it, I suppose I have been. However, I believe my most significant success has been “Being right smack dab in the middle of where God wanted me to be.”