Nourish with Nish

Nourish with Nish

The Complete Vegan Student Handbook

Inês Teixeira-Dias


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Inês, nicknamed Nish by her university friends, pulls together a variety of delicious and nutritious plant-based meals for students trying to save time, money, and preserving their environment. With plenty of applicable student life hacks and easy recipes, this book aims to guide students through their new lives at university. With a fresh and relatable perspective on how to transition into veganism, plenty of top tips on studying, budgeting, managing stress and learning the basics (and more) in the kitchen, this vegan student handbook is every student’s must-have. From pastas to brownies, from how to do your laundry to getting food as a vegan after a night out, this book covers it all. This guide is packed with nourishing, wholesome and filling meals, soups and smoothies to get you through those dreaded 9 A.M.s and late library sessions – you’ll be going home ready to impress.


Inês Teixeira-Dias:
Inês, nicknamed Nish by her university friends, is a 23-year-old Swansea University psychology graduate with a big interest in food and cooking; this passion gave rise to Nourish with Nish – The Complete Vegan Student Handbook. Seven years ago, she took the decision to cut out meat from her diet, and four years later, the rest of all animal products followed: these were both controversial decisions under the roof of a Portuguese household but it motivated her to learn all about nutrition, how to stay healthy on a vegan diet and how to simplify a seemingly complicated lifestyle.