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Florenza Denise Lee


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Shattered, weeping, unnamed--- an outcast who gave so unselfishly that nearly two thousand years later, we are still sharing her story, but do we fully know the price of her sacrifice?

Her story beautifully overlaps with the author’s personal testimony, poured out upon the pages to reignite a sense of wonder and praise. Reminding us that there is beauty in brokenness, God’s light will always shine through even the most minor cracks.

Both women reached their breaking points, and rather than run; they placed their pain at the feet of Christ. God rewarded their worship with these words, “Daughter, your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more.”


Some use God's word to justify domestic violence, imprisonment, slavery, and systematic racism rather than preach peace, joy, salvation, and love. Throughout the Merry Hearts Inspirational series, readers will experience scripture as never before. Authors take one-dimensional Biblical characters and breathe new life into them to become relevant for the reader.

Over time, many things have been misinterpreted, but the one important thing is that God’s grace isn’t just for men. Christ valued women so much. He had His most profound conversations with women. Christ performed astounding miracles through them, and following His resurrection, He appeared to the women first.

Throughout scripture, God's love for women and everyone—no matter ethnic background or gender—may be found, from Genesis to Revelation. May you come to know His love in an authentic, tangible way.

Each book in the Merry Hearts Inspirational Series is a standalone and can be read in any order:

Book 1 – Journey – Lisa Dodson [Ruth and Boaz]
Book 2 – Visions– J. L. Campbell [The Outside Child]
Book 3 – Purpose – Florenza Denise Lee [The Unnamed Woman]
Book 4 – Growth - Janice Allen [Esther, The Three Hebrew Boys]
Book 5 – Transition -- Naleighna Kai [The Levite’s Concubine]
Book 6 – Choices – Pat G’Orge-Walker [The Faithful Wife]
Book 7 – Patience – Terri Ann Johnson [The Pharaoh’s Daughter]
Book 8 – Persistence – U. M. Hiram [Hannah, Daniel, and The Centurion]
Book 9 – Transformation – Naleighna Kai [Tamar and Amnon]


Florenza Denise Lee:
Author, Florenza Lee , has published eleven interactive engaging Children’s books on the subjects of Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, SOL, homelessness, military life style, anti-bullying and faith. . She is a Veteran’s advocate, Children’s Mindfulness Coach, Certified Life Coach, publisher, Master Storyteller, and online radio talk show host. Visit Florenza on the web at www.florenza.org, Facebook: Florenza_Denise_Lee, Instagram: Florenza_denise_lee, LinkedIn: @Florenza_Lee, and Twitter: @Florenza_lee.