A Little More Consideration

A Little More Consideration

Richard Ehrlich


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When I was maybe nine or ten years old, I did a double take on a photograph of myself because I didn’t like what I saw … but the picture did not improve: my shoulders were drooping and my chest looked a little sunken. From that moment on, I made a conscious effort to improve my posture by standing up tall with my shoulders back and my chest out. Over many years, this initial desire to improve myself has evolved to include more than just the way I look; these days, I’m working on my mind and spirit as well as my body, trying to elevate myself in any way I can. My writing is part of this. When I write about an experience or a memory, I’m able to slow everything down, think about what happened from a new angle, maybe even learn from it. Each of the thirty-six stories in this book is a step I have built to help me climb. I still have a long way to go, but I’ve definitely made progress. Join me on my journey. I trust the steps will hold you too. I don’t have all the answers, but it’s nice to know I have kindred spirits out there who are climbing with me. Together, we can repair the world. Ricky Ehrlich May 2021


Richard Ehrlich:
Richard Ehrlich was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1956. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1981 and a Master of Arts in 1984, both in English, at SUNY Brockport. He taught English at Wingate High School in Brooklyn from 1986-1997 and at Great Neck South High School in Great Neck from 1997-2018. He lives in Long Beach with his wife, Liza, his two sons, Jacob and Adam, and his dog, Snickers.