Fast Facts: Hyperlipidemia

Fast Facts: Hyperlipidemia

Bringing clarity to lipid management

A. Sniderman, P. Durrington


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'Fast Facts: Hyperlipidemia' is a crisp and accurate summary of lipid disorders, with clear language and illustrations. Directed at a broad range of healthcare professionals, from primary care physicians to specialists, this updated sixth edition addresses the importance of considering lipoprotein particles, not just their lipids. The renowned authors, acknowledging the confusion surrounding the place of statins, carefully unpick clinical trial evidence and discuss guideline recommendations. The result is a clear and logical approach to the management of hyperlipidemia. Table of Contents: • Lipids and lipoprotein particles • Epidemiology and pathophysiology • Familial hypercholesterolemia • Polygenic hypercholesterolemia and combined hyperlipidemia • Hypertriglyceridemia • Familial dysbetalipoproteinemia • Dyslipidemia in insulin resistance, the metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus • Secondary hyperlipidemia • Dietary treatment • Drug treatment • When to treat • Biochemical tests


A. Sniderman: