Masquerading Shadows

Masquerading Shadows

Reese Jula


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MASQUERADING SHADOWS begins as the age of innocence evaporates and the dark night of the soul appears. At seventeen, Bridget Julia McNeil has already explored the world and experienced great love. All seems right in her universe. But the obstacles that await Julia will challenge her in ways she never could have anticipated. Love. Spirituality. Motherhood. Loss. All will force Julia to confront her true self. And she must do so alone: Darius, the celestial guide who watches over her, loses track of Julia. They must wander alone in separate realms. How will Julia manage to survive what’s about to happen?


Reese Jula:
The vision for the trilogy, Darius’s Endless Cord, came streaming through during six weeks of daily meditations in Auroville, India. Reese Jula has been a healer most of her life. Her healing processes has taken many forms, from massage therapy to energetic karmic clearings. From 2003 to 2013, she led a nonprofit organization, Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance, dedicated to teaching young adults sustainability practices. A mother, grandmother, and sovereign wife, Reese lives in the high desert of New Mexico. Masquerading Shadows is the second book in the trilogy.