Finding Rhythm

Finding Rhythm

An International Dance Journey

Aliénor Salmon


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One woman embarked on a dance journey around the world, finding out how each dance tells a story of its country and learning how beautiful life can be when you take the lead.

If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be? Aliénor Salmon was working as a happiness researcher in Bangkok when a friend asked her the question that turned life as she knew it on its heels. A novice dancer but experienced social researcher, the Franco-British Aliénor headed west from Bangkok to dance her way through Latin America. As she learns eighteen dances, each native to the countries she visits, she engages with esoteric customs, traditions, and cultures. Through conversations and arduous studio hours, she learns that every step, pivot, and shake thrums with an undeniable spirit of place. And that in a world where we are over-connected but increasingly disconnected from one another, dance offers an authentically human experience. One that allows her to develop tolerance, kindness, truth, and love by holding the hands of a stranger and gazing into their eyes for the time of a song.

With her fearless and candid approach, Aliénor will inspire you to take the reins of your own life—and have some fun along the way. In this dance-travelogue, you’ll learn the history and steps of dances like salsa, samba, and tango, enjoy a resplendent meditation on happiness and wanderlust, and receive a life-affirming answer to the question: How do I take the first step?


Aliénor Salmon:

Aliénor Salmon is a French–British writer, researcher, and communications consultant. After graduating from King’s College London with a master's degree in war studies, Aliénor worked as a field researcher studying issues related to education in Mongolia and along the Thailand/Myanmar border, before eventually settling in Bangkok where she worked for UNESCO. Through her blog Bailando Journey, she has become a dance influencer and ambassador, promoting the discovery of cultures through dance and dance’s multiple benefits for well-being and personal development. In December 2018, she received official accreditation for journalistic coverage of the Cali Fair, one of the most important traditional music and dance celebrations in Colombia and Latin America. Aliénor consults for UNESCO and other international organizations as a happiness researcher and an expert in social and emotional development. She hosted her first dance and personal development retreat in Havana, Cuba, in November 2019 and plans to host more retreats in other Latin dance capitals around the world, hoping to expand to New York City, Miami, LA, and Puerto Rico. In the meantime, she is focused on creating a virtual dance studio, nightclub, and platform to support dance professionals who are struggling in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and to spread the joy of dance online. Aliénor resides in Lisbon, Portugal.