Towards A Libertarian Socialism

Towards A Libertarian Socialism

Reflections on the British Labour Party and European Working-Class Movements

G.D.H. Cole


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A collection of essays from a revered member of the British Labour Party. What distinguished Cole was his distance from traditional marxist and bureaucratic labour approaches. Neither a Communist nor a Social Democrat (nowadays referred to as a Democratic Socialist a la Bernie Sanders) Cole desired a socialism that centered freedom for workers—an end to capitalist exploitation, workers’ management of production, and an expanding democracy in all realms of social life.


G.D.H. Cole:

G.D.H. Cole (1889–1959) was one of the twentieth century’s outstanding socialist writers and thinkers. From the 1920s until his death he was the pre-eminent Labour intellectual, surpassing Harold Laski and R.H. Tawney in the proliferation of his publications and general omnipresence.