Manifest the Perfect Mate

Manifest the Perfect Mate

Find the Love and Respect You Desire

Paula Langguth Ryan


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Do You Want a More Loving, Communicative, Connected Relationship in Your Life?
Is Your Track Record Less than Stellar?
Then This Book if For You!

This book is about you, your past and present relationships, and more importantly, your future relationship. Traditionally, far too much emphasis has been placed on “finding someone to love” and far too little has been understood about the strength and joy to be found in learning to love ourselves first. This new, holistic approach explains how to avoid the traps of unhealthy relationships. It is a clear, practical guide for those who are in lackluster, disconnected relationships or are seeking to create a healthy relationship from the start.

Paula Langguth Ryan shares anecdotes and examples drawn from her extensive counseling experience plus lessons learned about the psychology of love during more than 25 years as a communications and conflict specialist. This powerful guide offers a profound yet easily applied message to very individual. You can conquer personal fears, overcome adverse relationship history, and transform and enhance your love life if only you know how to use the power you possess to:

  • Develop you own healthy boundaries
  • Achieve friendship and lasting love
  • Transform sabotaging core beliefs
  • Move beyond past relationship patterns
  • Gain control of your emotions and fears
Now is the time for you to exchange self-sabotage for self-confidence, learn how to demonstrate to others how you want to be treated, communicate better, connect more authentically, love more intimately and find greater happiness and peace of mind.


Paula Langguth Ryan:
From her community activism in New York City and her national daily radio show Conflict Free Zone, to her work as a debt negotiator and as a business marketing and development consultant, Ryan’s distinguished career has been marked by a singular quest: How to get people talking about hard conversations, in every aspect of their lives, with authenticity, willingness and with open minds. She continues to embrace this quest as a widely recognized communications facilitator, conflict resolution consultant and business advisor. Her extraordinary skills at reframing what we speak, write and think, and her ability to develop win-win-win solutions without compromise, have garnered her high praise from leaders across a wide span of industries, organizations and believe systems. She has been featured extensively in national print, radio and television outlets, delivers keynote and leadership development seminars worldwide and sits on boards for businesses and non-profits.