Forest Ridge Murders

Forest Ridge Murders

Tim Sweetsir, Debra Sweetsir


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It's been over a year since the little town of Forest Ridge, Ohio was rocked by the senseless, vicious attacks on it's residence. Special Agents Tim Taylor and Nichole Hughes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, shot and killed the alleged rapist and murderer, Cameron Baker. His life ended in a rage of gunfire on Johnson's Island.That case left a trail of bloodshed from New England all the way to Ohio. Remnants of the yellow crime scene tape can be found still tied to the trees where the first victim's body was discovered near the bridge carrying Route 5 from Vermont to New Hampshire.A storm is brewing, and it looks like a bad one. What the FBI and other law enforcement officials don't realize yet is that this case may not be over. A killing spree is about to start. Lock your doors and windows, the reign of terror in this little town is about to begin again.


Tim Sweetsir: