First Name Ginger, Last Name Vitis

First Name Ginger, Last Name Vitis

LaVawn Simons


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Hi, my name is Ginger, and I hope for your sake you never have the pleasure of seeing all the destruction I can do to your mouth. You see, despite the warnings, some of you have chosen to neglect your mouth by not brushing and flossing. The constant neglect from you makes me very angry. Beware, beware, I tell you, because when I get angry, I turn the bright color red and start to grow, which makes me get really puffy as I start to spread throughout your mouth. I move so fast and oh so quick that sometimes you are not even aware that I am present in your mouth. Yes, I am in your mouth, invading and destroying, which is what I do best. After all, I am Ginger, last name Vitis.